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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an accelerator program ?

No, the program is not an accelerator. It is aimed at creating invaluable connections for startups in the following three areas,

  • Helping get your finances in place using our QuickBooks platform
  • Building integrations with QuickBooks so you can offer your solutions to our global 4.3M customer base
  • Mentorship opportunities with Intuit Leaders
When can startups apply for the program ?

Applications for integrations are open all year around. Startups can sign up for the QuickBooks offer until May 19th , 2019. You will be notified in case you get selected for the offer and/or integration.

Are there any specific domains you are looking at ?

Any startup can avail the QuickBooks offer. Startups who want to build integrations however should have specific use-cases that can integrate and work well with QuickBooks.

How will your mentoring program work ? Is it open only to startups who get selected for integration or the offer ?

Yes, currently it will be open to startups who apply and get selected for one of the above. We will also extend these to startups in our partner network.

Is this program only for startups in India ?

Yes, the program is currently open only for startups in India. However your integration can be published to all our global markets - US, UK, Australia, India, France and Canada. The QuickBooks offer is applicable only for startups in India.

Can startups who are existing QuickBooks customers avail the offer ?

Unfortunately, the QuickBooks offer is not open to startups who are existing QuickBooks customers. However they can apply for integrations and will be given preference.

Do I need to be a QuickBooks customer to apply for integration ?

You don’t have to be a QuickBooks customer to apply. However, partners who have used QuickBooks are able to build stronger and meaningful integrations. We strongly encourage startups to explore the QuickBooks platform before considering an integration opportunity. You can explore our APIs here -

Can Intuit employees apply for the program ?

The program is currently open to only non-Intuit employees. However, Intuit alumni who are running their startup today can apply for the program.

How can we contact the team ?

You can write an email to [email protected] for additional details.